This week’s Flash Fiction Story #7

Well, this week’s flash fiction story is supposed to be a romantic science fiction story. WHAT! Yes. This, and many other words I can’t use here, went through my head as well. Now, I do plan to write a story for this week’s challenge, but it will not be in by the midnight deadline.

To be honest, this one scares me more than last week’s fanfiction challenge. Why might you ask? Well, it could be that it involves romance. I just never could get into that whole genre. Or, it could be the science fiction. Not counting the pieces I’ve written for these challenges, it has been a very long time since I’ve written an actual science fiction story. I am wondering if I can even remember how. What I mean is that up until 6 weeks ago I had given up on my writing. I have drafts of posts about me giving up on writing. (I think I may have even lost a friend because of my depression on not writing.)

Now, here I am with five stories posted and one story still in draft. Yes, they are short, but they are stories. I even have an idea for the romance/science fiction story believe it or not. (Last minute inspiration.) It’s kind of a weird sensation. (I think I’ve said that before, but it’s true.)

Lest I become a broken record. (Too late.) I’ll just be back to writing now… again.

Oh, I so suck at deadlines.

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  1. Oliver Dale Oct 18

    You now officially write more than I do. And I’m so jealous of you….

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