Flash Fiction Friday: Story #8

Flash Fiction Friday # 8 prompt:

This week’s Flash Fiction prompt is brought to you by crazy Matt D of Fireflies in the Clouds fame.

99 Word Horror Contest sponsored by Matt D

Write 99 words on Halloween or Horror. Not 98, not 100, and the title doesn’t count.

“A Binding Ceremony”

Jack fought the urge to scratch his neck. He could barely breathe through the mask, but Layla had insisted he wear it for the ceremony – her family’s tradition.

Then he heard the priest say, “… pronounce you husband and wife.” Relief. Finally, he could take the mask off and kiss his bride.

Jack gave a tug. Nothing. He moved his fingers to the edges. Nothing!

His panicked feeling grew. Where was the seam!

Someone brushed his shoulder. He turned around. His new mother-in-law smiled at him, her mouth full of razor-sharp teeth.

“Welcome to the family,” she growled.

(This is 99 words according to Word 2003.)



  1. Bellemanda Oct 23

    I love this story! A terrifiying thought. Perhaps he should have gone past the talk about kids and credit!

  2. bk_30 Oct 24

    Between this one and the medusa mask..I don’t think i’m liking masks much anymore lol

  3. Dawno Oct 25

    Great job! I’m a newlywed so it was particularly horrific…

  4. dayngr Oct 26

    Just one more reason to never get married.

    Creepy, scary and it makes me wish there were pages and pages more!

  5. SMG Oct 26

    LoL there is a lot of sweet imagery here. Masks, weddings, mother in law.

  6. Sheepy Oct 27

    Woooo should’ve got a prenup..

    Good and creepy!

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