Five years…

This entry will not be about writing. Five years ago today, I was sitting in front of my computer and alternating my line of sight between the monitor and the horror plastered on the television screen. Earlier that morning, I had been terrified, wondering if my father had the early shift or late shift at his work near the Pentagon in DC. I hoped that for one of the few times in his life he was late for whatever reason. My fears were unfounded. He was fine, and had only been on his way in to work when the third plane hit the Pentagon. He was okay.

I remember feeling lost, like someone had torn a fabric of my future from me, as I watched those horrible images unfold. The only thing that kept me coherent were the people I had met on-line because of a kinship that had grown from a shared liking of a science fiction B-movie. Strange as it was, these people had become my friends and now we were sharing one of the most painful moments of our lives together. It was something unexpected and beyond tragic.

Even today, though I’ve drifted away from these friends, I still think of them and how they helped me through that day. For me, that was the most important memory I could take away from that day. This day. And, I am grateful.

For my friends at PB.

It’s the end of the world as we know it…

And I don’t care…

Well, I do care. I mean it is after all 06/06/06 – devil hour…. er day… er month… er year. All I really like about this day is how symmertical it is. I liked 01/01/01 and 02/02/02 and so forth and so on for the very same reason. A form of symmetry. A form of balance. And, after all, balance is key.

(Oh, and if you are wondering why I am writing on such a random topic. Well, I am trying to get into the habit of writing something everyday, even if it is just bunk.)

Speaking of obsessions…

I’ve discovered a new British show called Wire in the Blood. It’s based on novels by a Scottish crime novelist named Val McDermid. I’ve not read the books yet, but they are said to be very graphic and very good. Well, my main obsession is not only the show, but character of Dr. Tony Hill who is played by British actor Robson Green. Don’t ask me why. I just find the character very interesting and sexy. (The actor isn’t too bad either.)

Isn’t that just the teensiest bit sad. What I wouldn’t give to develop a character like that. (Don’t all jump in the gutter right now. There isn’t room enough for all of you AND me in here.)

That’s enough blogging for now. I think I’m almost caught up with my quota.

Some things should never be done…

Others should really be tried more than once.

Like my obsession with British Science Fiction. Or just British shows in general. This has been a problem since childhood. I blame my early indoctrination of the BBC. What I wouldn’t give for a Dr. Who marathon or Monty Python. I just love off-beat British humor. What does this have to do with writing you may ask? Nothing really. Thus the marking of the “General Stuff” category. However, it does fit in with the whole “Echoes in the mind…” idea… thing… whatever.

As for the somethings that should never be done, that would be walking out into a snow storm barefoot and drunk on your ass by tequila shots trying to freeze the worm you truly believe has decided to settle in your stomach. Not that I’ve done anything like that. Perhaps that should go under the heading “Some things should never be attempted or thought of at all”. Oh well, too late.

Oh, and yes, writing. None yet. Sorry to disappoint… or thrill you. Praise the lahd and all that. Someday. Someday. Maybe it will end up being in the whole “Do it everyday for the rest of your life and love doing it” category. It could happen.

Switching Themes….

I am getting a little restless. Or… perhaps my ADD is manifesting itself in a new way. I can’t seem to decide on a theme for this site. It will probably change daily until I stop getting “itchy”. Yes, I know. I should be using this nervous energy to better use like writing or something. The problem is is that the latter sounds way more appealing to me than the former. I just can’t get my butt (and brain) to engage in a simple exercise of writing a silly paragraph or even a sentence. Well… other than what I am doing right at this moment.

Anyways, the links that may show up now and again don’t work. Such things require that I make certain changes to certain files’ writeability, and I simply am too lazy to do that right now. Eventually, I will and then I’ll get around to editing the files associated with the appropriate theme. For now, we will just have to live with the ghastly eyesores of unlinkable evilness. (Yeah… it’s evil to have a link that goes no where.)

Done with the rambling. Perhaps I should get to writing. <insert evil laughter here>


If you’ve been here in the past, you might have noticed that I’ve done some rearranging. I’ve also added some nice additions to the site, which having updated to WordPress 1.5 has afforded me. One of them being the Pages section where I can now place some of my stories (when I actual write them). Those pages will be password protected of course.

If you are new here, or it’s just been such a frellin’ long time you don’t remember what the site looked like before, than welcome back.

However, no matter which category you fall in to, you will need to register in order to comment on any of my postings. (Hopefully, this will keep all those nasty spammers away.)