Drumroll please…

And the winner is…. not me. But. But. Here is the real winner and the runner-ups of the 1st Annual 99 Word Horror Story Contest. Congratulations! Woohoo.

I really had fun with this contest. There was no pressure. Okay… except for that whole 99 word limit, but still, it was fun. Thanks to Matt D. for sponsoring the contest and the judges for reading through the stories.

“Same bat time… same bat channel…” next year.

99 Words for Crazy…

Insane… Lunatic… Demented… Nuts… Wacky… 94 more words to go.

So you might be asking what is the meaning of the topic. Well, I decided to enter my Friday Flash Fiction #8 story, “A Binding Ceremony”, in the sponsoring contest. (Thus, I submit to the crazy.) It’s not a big step. No, no… a big step would be writing a story and sending it to Writers of the Future contest or submitting it to an actual magazine or something. But, it is a step.

Speaking of crazy, my next big adventure is NaNoWriMo, which begins in… dear lawd… five days. Yikes! I don’t even have a plot. I am so dead.

Oh yeah, you might want to check out the other entries too. They are absolutely fun and scary and make me feel all kinds of inadequate. 😉
99 Words of Horror Contest Entries