What do you call a journal two inches thick?

Too much pressure.

Especially, if one is a wanna-be writer. Instead, I opted for the one inch thick journal. I have finally filled the journal I bought back in 2000 (well, almost). It has gotten me through both rough times and good times. Mostly, it is filled with poems and scraps of story ideas that when I read them aren’t half bad. They aren’t half good either. I also have some of my dreams in there, which is probably what will fill my new journal.

My new journal is leather (call me nostalgic) and embossed with nice patterns. Hopefully, it will inspire some writing.

As for this journal/blog. I think I’ll keep it. Maybe I’ll write up my strange and weird-ass dreams here. (Password protected, of course.) Those should be good for a couple of story ideas and a hell of a lot of laughs.

Welcome to a new year.