Switching Themes….

I am getting a little restless. Or… perhaps my ADD is manifesting itself in a new way. I can’t seem to decide on a theme for this site. It will probably change daily until I stop getting “itchy”. Yes, I know. I should be using this nervous energy to better use like writing or something. The problem is is that the latter sounds way more appealing to me than the former. I just can’t get my butt (and brain) to engage in a simple exercise of writing a silly paragraph or even a sentence. Well… other than what I am doing right at this moment.

Anyways, the links that may show up now and again don’t work. Such things require that I make certain changes to certain files’ writeability, and I simply am too lazy to do that right now. Eventually, I will and then I’ll get around to editing the files associated with the appropriate theme. For now, we will just have to live with the ghastly eyesores of unlinkable evilness. (Yeah… it’s evil to have a link that goes no where.)

Done with the rambling. Perhaps I should get to writing. <insert evil laughter here>