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Chapter 1: Ghostly Visitors

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August 04, 2005

Another year rings in, another brain cell rings out…

…. And all is not write with the world.

So, it is now 2005 A.D., and I have not written a damn thing. (Well, minus this entry, but this isn’t exactly fiction now is it.) To my credit, I really didn’t make a resolution to write or anything. I am just going to let the pen and paper cuts and writing cramps fall where they may. I mean really, is the world sad if I never write another piece beyond the 50,000+ words I did in NaNo? I don’t think so. Will I be sad? Probably. I just got to get past this idiotic idea that permeates my brain that everything I write has to be good on the first try.

Was my NaNo effort last year good. Heck, no! Is it finished? Heck, no! Will it ever be finished? Heck…. well, yeah. It will probably be finished when hell decides that icicles are a nice accessory to the couch waiting for me down there. Not that I believe in hell…. or heaven for that matter. But, that is just a whole other issue and better left for a different type of blog.

This blog was meant for writing. Or that’s what I keep telling myself. Anyways, gotta do something constructive now. Perhaps sleep. I seem to come up with pretty good story ideas from my dreams.