This will be my last entry….

Daily Word Count: Still sporadic, but building
Total Word Count: 31,386 words

This will be my last entry until I get this monster to bed. Hopefully, I will pass the 50,000 word mark before midnight on Nov. 30th. Wish me luck…. and fast fingers. I’d much prefer the latter right now, although luck would be nice, too.


And miles to go before I sleep…

Daily Word Count: Still sporadic , but improving
Total Word Count: 25,000 words

As you can see, I am half way there, but I have tonnes more to get through, and I have 8 days to do it in. (Don’t you just love compound sentences. They have been my saving grace, them and not using contractions.)

The story is coming along quite nicely although far from being close to the middle. This kind of makes me think the story will be longer than 50,000 words so I may indeed not be finished with the story by Nov. 30th, but I will most definitely try to reach the finish line.

Well, back to the ol’ grindstone.

My Inner Editor told me there would be days… and nights like this ….

Daily Word Count: Sporadic
Total Word Count: 17310

Yes… my inner editor told me, but did I listen. Nope. In fact, I am still not listening. I have the proverbial fingers in my ears and singing ‘lalalalala’ like a champ… or a seriously deranged person. I keep plugging away. My enemy is no longer the dreaded I.E., but Time. Time enough to sit down and write all the scenes that keep popping into my head, leading me to the next major crisis. Yes, sometimes I go back and rewrite something, but it’s because I realize that I’ve forgotten to add it in the first place. So… it’s going good despite being behind in the word count and that stupid Excel program telling me I won’t finish until mid Dec. of 2004. At least it’s within this year. 😀

All I have to do is pull several all-nighters and add every adverb and adjective and little words like ‘a’ and ‘the’ and even ‘and’, and I should be fine. Can you tell I am avoiding looking at the calendar now? Of course not, that would be paranoid of me to think that.

Oh well… toodles

Procrastination is a drug best served cold…

Daily Word Count: approx. 0… so yeah… 0
Total Word Count: 9510 words (give or take a few more)

Oy… it’s not that I’ve been procrastinating actively or anything like that. It’s just that I was busy this weekend and didn’t have time enough alone. Now that I am alone, I can’t seem to get myself to write anything to do with the story. I may have got myself into a rut or some kind of weird sand pit a la golf. Maybe I need to channel Tiger Woods or something. All I know is that it is gonna be a long night. And a long day. And a long week. And a long month. I’ve got to put myself through withdrawals and get my butt moving, my brain spinning, and my fingers a-dancing. Toodles.

And so it goes…. and goes… and goes…

Daily Word Count: 341 words (Nov. 4, 2004)
Daily Word Count: 3139 words (Nov. 5, 2004)
Total Word Count: 9510 words

Holy fountain pens! See that. That’s almost 10,000 words. I’ve never even written that much in my entire life (at least I don’t think so) much less one story. I really can’t believe it. I am not even close to the middle, but hey, that’s what editing is for and this time, I mean it. It’s like the damn energizer bunny. It just keeps going and going and going. I call it ‘it’ because I am not sure if this is really me or just the excitement of Nano. The real test will be if I can keep this up after November.

It’s coming along nicely… surprising isn’t it.

Daily Word Count: 3,742
Total Word Count: 6,030

As you can see, this Nanowrimo is coming along nicely. I am truly surprised. I am in shock even. I mean here I am, someone who has not been writing for over a year. Heck… more than a year and I have over 6,000 words just on the third day. Now, admittedly, I didn’t write very much the second day, but that was due to those pesky elections. I did manage to write close to 400 words early that morning, hoping to get more down later on in the day, but it didn’t happen. So when I started this afternoon, I knew I had to try and make up for yesterday as well. And boy, did I ever.

I even managed to come up with a decent title beyond just calling it “To be Named”. It’s called The Atlantean Prophecies. I will probably be posting excerpts around the middle of the month. I’ll be making those posts private for copyright purposes. Yeah right. Like anyone will ever want to publish it.

So… it has begun….

Daily Word Count: 1,897 words

So… it has begun. And, by it, I mean the insanity of NANOWRIMO. How crazy was I to sign up for this mess. Oh well, no one has ever accused me of being sane. But color me excited because I actually have a word count worth mentioning. Yay me! It’s 1,897 to be exact and so far. That’s averaging more than the minimum 1666 words per day needed to finish Nano in the required 30 days. What’s more, I like the story I am writing. Go figure! That doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good story mind you, but I am enjoying writing it. I’ll probably start putting excerpts up in a few days.